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Which facilities do Pengegon residents use the most?

December 2, 2009

pengegonfacilitiesHave a look at this map of Pengegon. We are currently talking to residents and service providers to find out what facilities and services people use and what is missing for people in the area. A more detailed map of services will be available to view soon. Please tell us your thoughts.


letter from member of the residents association

November 26, 2009

Re: new building on playing fields

I am in favour of having a building on the playing fields in Pengegon for the reasons listed below:

  • Central to the Pengegon area
  • Easily¬† accessible for all people
  • Promotes the local residents association
  • Provides changing rooms
  • Provides a public toilet for people using the facilities
  • The Neighbourhood office would be more accessible and would become available to more people
  • Would provide a place for meetings, bingo, small functions and events
  • It would bring the area together having a central location for all residents to benefit from

I feel that this building could only benefit this area and make the community of Pengegon a better one.

Text your views to win an iPod

November 18, 2009

This message goes out to all the people living in Penegegon, Park and Tansys, Gwelmor and Grenville Gardens. Please tell us what new facilities or services you would like to see on your estate by texting 07781 472 638. All entries will go into and prize draw to win and iPod. We will text the winner on Friday 18th December.